"I strive to see families thrive..."


-- Rev. Anthony Mendoza

Juan Galvan Rodriguez is by far the best supervisor I’ve had! He supervised me throughout my graduate internship and I still use the clinical methods and approaches he bestowed upon me! He is by far the most consistent systemic thinker I know in the field of mental health!
— "Jo", Former Psychology Intern, New York City, NY, USA

Throughout my life I always said that I hated therapy of any kind. That all changed when I sat down in my first session with Mr. Galvan. I only had the pleasure of working with him for 3 months, but in those months I learned so so much, but not only did I lean things, he taught me how to use the skills in real life, which is what really made the difference. Thanks to Mr. Galvan I believe I have grown a significant amount.
— "Kate Lynn", Former Fostercare Patient , Corpus Chrisit, TX, USA
Mr. Juan Galvan has provided remarkable therapeutic services to our foster children in our agency. He continues to successfully engage the foster children in their therapy. Mr. Galvan has always been able to communicate effectively & efficiently with our agency to promote positive growth for his clients. We are pleased with the services he has been able to provide to our foster children.
— Mayra Guzman & Priscilla R. Saenz, Directors of Social Programs, The Giocosa Foundation, Laredo, TX, USA

Juan committed himself just as much, if not more, than I did to my learning experience. He always had a new lesson plan for me; a new way of thinking, and creating. His knowledge of psychotherapy is so vast, but more importantly, for me, was his ability to teach it. Watching the way he interacted with his clients alone, was such an experience. He cared deeply for each of his clients and never spoke of the problems, but of the solutions and happiness they could achieve from therapy. From all the darkness a client could describe; he pulls the light and brings it the forefront; nurturing and growing the light, until its shining for everyone to see. By the end of my internship, I had the answers to all my questions; and his job was done because I figured them out for myself.

If you’re lucky, you have known such a person as Juan. Who has come into your life temporarily, but leaves you with a renowned feeling of self and a wealth of knowledge you hadn’t known before, that changes you forever. His support and guidance will be long remembered and talked about for years to come. Thank you, Juan.
— Amey Lalchand, Former MFT Intern, The Bronx, New York City, NY, USA
So yea, Mr. Juan got me off the drugs! He visited me in jail and in the hospitals and was there to help me change my thinking. Now I’m way better than I was and off the drugs.
— "Benny", Former Patinet, Boston, MA, USA

"The Most Admirable quality that Juan Gerardo Galvanrodriguez has is his compassion. I remember when, as his supervisor, I visited a few of his families with him. It was impressive how patient and warm he was with those in need even when they didn't want him there. He took his time and showed them respect. Eventually they would open up and allow healing to happen. It was great to see him evolve."

--M. Seven Laracuente, Former Supervisor, The Vera Institute of Justice: Adolescent Portable Therapy (APT), New York City, New York, USA

To: Holy Family Psychotherapy: Juan Galvan LCSW

Thank you for your support in our mission to help abused and neglected children. Thank you for providing a safe and genuine atmosphere for our children, for your continual dedication and professionalism to our foster and adoptive families. Holy Family Psychotherapy has been a haven for our children it has given us hope for a better tomorrow for our children and our future generations. Thank you for your 5 years of service.
— Vickie Oliva, Supervisor, The Burke Foundation Child Placing Agency, Laredo, TX, USA

My son, at the time of psychotherapy, was five years old. Mr. Juan Galvan not only gained the confidence of my five year old on his initial appointment but helped my child with his attachment disorder. Not only did Mr. Juan Galvan help my child but he also helped me as a parent learn/cope with the initial problem which led to my child’s attachment disorder. My child is now six years old, social and academically stable. From time to time he asks for Mr. Juan Galvan and states ‘I miss going out to see Juan.’
— P. L., Parent of Former Patient & Texas Department of Family and Protective Services: Child Protective Services Worker, Laredo, TX, USA
We have known Juan Galvan since January 2016 when our son and daughter began to see him.  Since that time we have seen tremendous progress in both their behavior’s and in school.  Mr. Galvan has a unique understanding of the effects of abuse and trauma on children and adults.  His use of non-traditional, ground-breaking methods of therapy and healing are very effective.  Laredo is blessed to have him in our community.  We are very thankful that Mr. Galvan is willing to spend his time and talents and appreciate his tireless efforts especially on behalf of children from traumatic situations and their families.
— Adoptive-Mother of former fosterchildren, Laredo, TX, USA