It is my belief system that the Holy Family is the ideal system - a template for all families to emulate because of the example they offered while they lived in this same earth we do. Within this structured system you will find that there is a hierarchical father-figure (Joseph), a loving wife and nurturing mother (Mary) and their obedient son (Jesus Christ). In reflecting on the Holy Family, we are in awe of their humanity and how greatly the post-modern-day family can relate to them. Joseph was a step-father who had doubts and was even in the process of divorcing Mary. Yet he overcame his pride and fear in order to become a Loving husband and a gentle father-figure to his adoptive son. Mary was a subservient wife who served her husband that cherished and provided for her. She is also a mother who suffered alongside her son while her son was steadfast in living out his desire. Jesus Christ was an obedient son who, although had desires to fulfill, he nonetheless was obedient to his parents. The true audacity of humanity exists within this family system that once lived and who continue to serve as a template for families today; families who are faced with various struggles that you will find in the CONDITIONS TREATED section of this website.