Invited speaker, Mr. Galván-Rodríguez, presented to parents and staff at Power Christian Academy (Laredo, TX, USA) on the systemic approach in assisting children thrive in and out of the academic setting.

Pro8News Interview, Laredo, Texas, US, 31 August 2015: Juan Gerardo Galván-Rodríguez, in his home office with Pro8News’ Renée Santos, providing interpersonal-neurobiological rationale for partners that engage in extra-marital affairs on Ashley Madison website and other social media outlets. More so, how to recognize signs of an affair as well as methods to assist couples heal after an affair.

4th Annual Portico Street Festival, Laredo, TX, USA, 10 November 2015: Our booth endeavored to offer two services to the public: psychological information for caregivers on how to raise psychologically balanced and healthy children (as well as individuals) & for entertainment purposes we will have various "smart games" for the public to play throughout the festival.

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