Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Juan Gerardo Galván-Rodríguez, LCSW

Owner and Lead Psychotherapist

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Sarah J. Smith

Administration & Marketing

Sarah Smith seeks to maintain the overall structure of the Institute addressing marketing, training/consultation contracts, insurance panel contracts and overall trouble-shooting. With a background in physical therapy she is able to empathize with patient's struggles and strives to maintain meticulous order so that all are served - staff, patients and collaborators. Ms. Smith is also a licensed cosmetologist and has managed several beauty and medical spas.

Mary Smith


Mary Smith oversees the clinicians' timetables and patients' insurance benefits. Ms. Smith's nursing background allows her empathize with patient struggles as well as  to maintain a consistent flow of patients' treatment (sessions). Ms. Smith also maintains that same consistency between patients and their insurance benefits due to the complexity in comprehending ever-evolving insurance structure.

Timothy Kimball, PhD


Dr. Timothy Kimball is our official licensed clinical psychologist/consultant that assists us in properly diagnosing and providing psychological evaluations to patients that present as high-risk or with complex, overlapping diagnoses. He is the President and CEO of Texas Psychological and Consultation Services (TPACS) in San Antonio, Texas, USA. Their services include psychological evaluation, testing and educational support for children, adolescents and parents, as well as providing quality evidence-based treatment services including individual, family and group psychotherapy. For a thorough overview of his education, training and experience click on Dr. Kimball's RESUME or TPACS WEBSITE

César O. Bañuelos, PA-C

Physician Assistant/Pharmacy Student/Consultant

Cesar O. Bañuelos is our medical consultant to any medical complications patient may present with. Cesar endeavors to offer medical expertise and perspective on the impact a patient's medical condition has on his/her mental health status.


Bachelors: University of Doobyville

Masters: University of Cholohood

Medical School: University of Taco Tote 

Residency: Taco Riendo Hospital

Miguel Vilaró-Colón, MD


Dr. Miguel Vilaró-Colón  Dr. Vilaró-Colón has been Mr. Juan Gerardo Galván-Rodríguez's private clinical supervisor and mentor for over the past 10 years.  Dr. Vilaró-Colón  provides as-needed consultation on the psychopharmacological aspect of patients' lives. He is currently the Medical Director of Roberto Clemente Family Guidance Center in New York City, New York, USA.

Thomas A. D'Alessandro, LICSW

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)/Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Specialist/Consultant

Thomas D'Alessandro is our preferred CBT and DBT Specialist Guest Trainer and consultant to the Institute. CBT/DBT are forms of psychotherapy that assists patients restructure their neurocircuitry. Mr. D'Alessandro assists us by facilitating seminars to patients and community partners so as to assist in combating faulty belief systems that lead to unhealthy, maladaptive behaviors. He is the Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Greater Essex Therapy in Middleton, Massachusetts, USA. For a thorough overview of Mr. D'Alessandro's education, training and experience click on the following links: LinkedIn; Psychology Today; Greater Essex Therapy.